Choosing Between Bootstrap or Foundation

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Choosing between Bootstrap or Foundation is such as choosing between red or white wine. One is not necessarily better than the other, they simply pair well with different things, and individuals have a tendency to develop personal preferences. Nevertheless, this is not just fuzzy tastebuds were speaking about here. This is a code, with explicit logic and intent. Therefore, there's to be some kind of difference, right?

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CLICK HERE FOR A FREE TRIAL. Grid System The maximum outstanding part of a much frontend framework is the grid system.


Foundation has always been slightly ahead of the curve in this area. It was the first large frame to go responsive and the only large mobile first frame for an amount of time. Nevertheless, Bootstrap also has these features in place now. The syntax for creating grids could be somewhat different. So this is an area where personal preferences might come into play. But it's easy to create equivalent code fragments that do almost the exact same thing in both frameworks. Currently, there are much few grid features in Foundation that might make it a much better option in particular instances.


Which makes it easy to split the contents of an unordered list into an equally spaced grid. Just specify the number of items in each row and Foundation takes care of the rest. Foundation also has the capability to easily the columns and remove gutters with the collapsed class. Or centre columns with the centred columns syntax. Sizing Units For calculating widths, typography, and almost everything else. Bootstrap uses pixels and Foundation uses rems. There are functional differences in between both of these units which are important to understanding. But both are able to produce the same results. Pixels are an a.bsolute unit, but in the age of responsive design. A much relative unit such as rems helps me think with regards to proportions.


Like I said, this is really a much matter of viewpoint And personal workflow. So if you truly love pixels, Bootstrap could be for you.

I admit, learning about the differences in between pixels, ems, and rems is dull for many people. Nevertheless, if you are not familiar, it's well worth spending some time to read this article from 2011 about font sizing with rems because it'll save you lots of guesswork in the future. Features and Components Initially, both frameworks appear to have a much very comparable list of prebuilt components, but there are several slight differences that may help you make the decision. Foundation has an integrated form validation through Abide. That's not to say that Bootstrap could also have Form validation, but for some, the premade Foundation alternative could be a nice head start. Foundation also includes Interchange, that is a much robust solution for responsive images, even though it could be more than you need.

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